Sunday, 25 August 2013

Are you a clickaholique?

Index finger on mouse, click, clicking and searching all those favourite sites, everyday sometimes more than once a day. In fact everytime you sit in front of the computer screen are you telling yourself you'll just check ------- site / blog before you start on your budding internet business.

Are you telling yourself it's research, just checking what the competition is up to?

Whilst it's perfectly okay to take time out from your business and check into your favourite sites there is a time and a place for everything and if you're "clicking" instead of getting on with your work you are procrastinating, sabotaging your own business success.

Yes it's a good idea to check out the competition but obsessively? Everyday? Procrastination again.

 Do you find yourself sitting down to work for say an hour and instead end up wasting that time clicking through Pinterest/ blogs/ Facebook etc?

Maybe you're a clickaholique. 

How to overcome this (sometimes) destructive behaviour

Well first of all you need to recognize what you are doing and how it's effecting your productivity.

Ask yourself it there are any particular times that you are prone to the mindless clicking, is this work avoidance? (Ans: Yes!)

Recognizing what's going on is half the battle, now you know you have something to combat and the way to do that is to schedule time to work on your business. Time when you simply won't allow yourself to work on anything else but keep it short so you don't overwhelm yourself. Maybe 30 minutes at a time with 10 minute breaks in between. Consider setting a timer to make sure you do it. You'll be amazed at how your productivity increases.

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