Friday, 7 September 2012

Who is a "horse professional" some stats

Interesting statistics here  presented by Stable Management Magazine in their  to 2012 $alary $urvey:

70% say less than 25% of their yearly earnings come from their eqquine business
64% say average yearly income of their entire equine business is under $50,000
59% claim eqquine business as secondary income
53% consider themselves underpaid
30% say the economy has NOT affected their revenue in the past year


 59% are college educated
58% are age 40 to 60 years old
58% call boarding/lessons their biggest profit center
52% have worked for or owned an equine business 5-20 years
52% say hay/feed is their biggest expense
42% charge flat board rates of $250 to $500/month
18% tie between 'primary disciplines' dressage, hunter/jumpers (Natural Horsemanship most cited 'other,' 22.5%)

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