Friday, 7 September 2012

Dubarry and a lesson in selling

So last weekend at the Burghley Horse Trials Dubarry 's stand was heaving with customers and Dubarry sales people handing out champagne. At £299 a pair of boots they will have taken thousands and thousands of £££'s.
watching one particular sale Dubarry missed out on extra sales simply by not offering care products for their boots. It wouldn't even have been difficult for the sales person as the gentleman concerned actually asked how he should care for his new purchase. He was told to use saddle soap. Now that's great, equestrians usually have loads of saddle soap
Dubarry have loads of leather care products
Leather Cream £12
Footwear Cleaner £8
Footwear Conditioner £8
Nubeuck Protector £8
Footwear Care Trial Pack £10
Replace-a-lace kit £10
just what was the sales person thinking when he was given the golden opportunity to increase the value of his sale?
In all honesty he shouldn't have to have been asked about care he should have told his customer and suggested products without prompting.
Now there is a lesson to be learned here by all you folk out there with equestrian businesses, maximise your sales!

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