Thursday, 19 January 2012

January 2012 - Where does the time go?

Amazingly we're over half way through January 2012 already, Christmas has been packed away and any New Year's resolutions already forgotten. Where does the time go?

Well if you're self-employed and as disorganized as I am quite a lot of January goes in preparing accounts for the accountant and meetings with said accountant about the dreaded tax returns that have to be filed by 31st January.

Then of course there's the farrier, the vet for equine flu/ tetanus jabs. The constant battle with mud. Shall I continue? No because it might all end up sounding a bit like a moan and it's not really it's just life and 2012 is going to be grand, isn't it?

Incidently the photograph isn't mine I found it via Tumblr but I don't know's who's actual photograph it is. I thought it a charming idea and I wish I'd thought of it so it's here to remind me next Christmas to plant a baby Christmas tree in a vintage biscuit tin. If anyone know's anything about the photograph please let me know so that I can offer credit, thank you.

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